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SMA Connector is a Fiber optic Connector developed by Amphenol Fiber Optic Products,SMA stands for SubMiniature version A.Which are widely used in medial,sensor and fiber optic test applications.It features the compact size and excellent durability and repeatability.


SMA connectors use a threaded plug and socket.The SMA connector holds a single fiber.SMA connectors have a threaded Coupling nut. The Ferrule is traditionally made of steel, although ceramic versions are available.


SMA fiber connectors have two versions,SMA905 connector-which has a straight ferrule.And SMA906 fiber connector-which are mated together the step ferrule to reduce the insertion loss.SO it will has lower insertion loss.The OD for SMA fiber connector ferrule typical is 3.17mm.


JKY supplys various type of SMA905 and SMA906 fiber connector.The body material can be Stainless steel or Nickel plated brass body.While the ferrule has zirconia ferrule and SUS303 ferrule for optional.Any requested ID are available.