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LC(Stands for Lucent Connectors) fiber optic connecor,which now also widely used in fiber optic device and telecommunications.LC connectors' shape similar with SC fiber optic connector,but the size only half of SC fiber connector.SC fiber connector use 2.5mm ferrule,while the LC connectors use 1.25mm ferrule.


JKY supply both single mode and multimode LC optical fiber connectors.Which includes single mode LC UPC connector,single mode LC APC connector and multimode LC UPC connector,simplex or duplex versions are available.Together with related LC fiber products,such as LC fiber optic adaptor/adapter,LC attenuators and LC cable assemblies.These products are suitable to use in multimedia,industrial and military applications.


Lucent Technologies first developed the LC connector for use in Telcoenviroments.


There are several features of LC fiber connectors.
1.Push & pull mechanism like RJ connectors.
2.Half size of a regular fiber connectors.
3.Complies with industry standards