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ESCON,Ethernet,Excess Loss,Extrinsic Loss,FC,FDDI,FTTC,FTTH,FOTP,Fresnel Reflection,Fusion Splicer


ESCON:  Abbreviation for Enterprise Systems Connection, an optical connector used for computer to computer data exchange (antiquated).


Ethernet:  Protocol (according to IEEE 802.3) for a 10Mb/s baseband local area network (LAN) bus using carrier sense multiple access with collision detection as the access method.  Ethernet is a standard for using various transmission media.


Excess Loss:  Term for expressing the portion of light signal that does not emerge from the cumulative ports of a fiber optic coupler.


Extrinsic Loss:  The loss in a fiber optic system that is not intrinsic to the fiber itself.


FC:  A type of threaded fiber optic connector.  FC/PC refers to an FC connector with a PC polish, FC/APC refers to an FC connector with an APC polish.


FDDI:  Abbreviation for Fiber Distributed Data Interface.  A connector used in a dual counter-rotating ring local area network.


Ferrule:  The part of a connector that aligns and works as a terminus for the fiber.


FTTC (Fiber to the Curb):  Term for fiber optic service to a node connected by coax to a group of nearby homes.


FTTH (Fiber to the Home):  Term for fiber optic service to a node located in a home.


FOTP (Fiber Optic Test Procedure):  Standards for testing fiber optic systems, developed by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA).


Fresnel Reflection:  Reflection loss at the end of a fiber caused by the difference in the index of refraction between glass and air (maximum reflection loss at a perpendicular air-glass interface is about -14dB).


Fusion Splicer:  An instrument that permanently bonds two fibers by heating the ends and stuffing them together.